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Hardwood Staircase

Brand Elements

Photographic Style

The photos and imagery used in our communications should feel genuine and authentic in order to create an emotional connection with the audience. Select images that depict the stunning beauty of hardwood products in their various forms, with an emphasis on applications that appeal to our professional audience. When depicting the hardwood production process, be sure to highlight sustainable harvesting practices and the hard working people who make it all happen. 

Avoid images of non-hardwood alternative products, such as laminates. When selecting images of trees, use North American hardwood species and avoid softwoods and exotic species.

Hotel Lobby with hardwood accents
Hardwood cabinets
Open ballroom with beatiful hardwood floors and beams
Log Scaling
Hardwood forest with fall leaves
Laminate flooring samples
Tall pine trees

Full Color


Brand Patterns

The use of the tree rings pattern is a direct visual representation of our namesake, and an extension of our primary logo. This pattern adds visual interest to otherwise plain compositions and when used consistently across brand touchpoints, it creates a visual identity that is instantly recognizable to our audience.

The brand pattern should be applied in crimson when possible; however, it may be applied in a grayscale version as well when necessary.


The brand icons are a versatile set of simple graphics that can be used across both digital and print applications. The icons should primarily be applied in crimson on both light and dark backgrounds; however, if applying the icon to a crimson background, the white version should be used.

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