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Hardwood staircase


Primary Logo

The primary logo for Real American Hardwood features a dynamic wordmark overlaid on a crimson background with a stylized woodgrain pattern. In cases where black and white printing is required, a grayscale version of the logo is available.

This is the primary logo that will be used across all brand applications. It is essential to the success of the brand that our logo always be applied with care.

Real American Hardwood Logo - Red
Real American Hardwood Logo - Grayscale

Full Color


Logo Alternates

In addition to the primary logo, there are two alternate logo variations that may be used as the application dictates. A stand alone wordmark may be used in situations that require single-color printing, while a simplified icon is available for digital applications such as a website favicon or app icon.


Real American Hardwood - Icon


Clear Space

Clear space prevents type, imagery or other graphic elements from interfering with the legibility of our logo. No graphic elements should encroach the clear space around the wordmark. This space is defined as the height of the word “REAL” in our wordmark.


To provide necessary versatility, there are several colorways for the wordmark when applied to light, dark, or solid brand color backgrounds. The white version should be applied to dark or brand color backgrounds, while the slate and crimson versions can be applied to light backgrounds.

Photo Backgrounds

When using the logo on an image, avoid placing the logo directly on top of the subject or in areas with too much visual clutter. Place the logo in an area with open space and minimal color variation and texture. The primary logo works best when placed in the corner of an image.

Real American Hardwood Logo
Real American Hardwood Logo

Partnership Lockups

For partnerships, make sure that both logos have a similar visual weight, and respect the clear space of each logo. Use the uppercase “R” in "REAL" from the primary logo as a spacing guide.

Logo Misuse

Do not compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, or otherwise distorting in any way, including the addition of unnecessary and unattractive text decorations such as drop shadows and outlines. Here are several examples of ways the logo should never be used.

Never rotate the logo.

Never squash or stretch the logo.

Never resize any part of the logo.

Never use off-brand colors.

Never alter the logo colors.

Never contain the wordmark in a box.

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