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NHLA is committed to providing its members with the resources needed to drive business, market share, and industry visibility. From standards and guidelines to lobbying efforts, marketing services, and more, NHLA strives for new heights of collaborative excellence. We are not only the premier North American hardwood trade association, but we are also the founder, keeper, and educator of the NHLA Hardwood Lumber Grading Rules and the unified voice of the hardwood industry.


We are the voice of the hardwood industry

We will be involved in the debates of the day, providing education, access, information, expertise and advocacy. We will tell our story and not let others define who we are.

Our standards mean quality

For over 125 years, our rules have set the standard around the world. Our grades give our hardwoods a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. It is crucial that we protect and enforce these standards, and that they also reflect the changes in the industry.

We stay informed, current and relevant

We should be the source of information that our members need to succeed in the marketplace. We are rich in history, but we are always evolving to meet our members’ needs.

We are visionaries for the industry

Our rich history is full of visionaries who saw the future. We must consistently explore and act on the important issues, including sustainability, globalization, land use, international grades and public awareness. To stay involved and have a seat at the table, we will work to build coalitions with groups outside the industry who may share common tactical goals, even if they are not seen as friendly to the industry overall.

We exist for our members

We are here to serve our members. Everything we do is to give our members and the industry the tools and information they need to succeed.

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